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From Residential to Commercial, We Care

Protection. Prevention.

These are the reasons that routine paver care is necessary.

Did you know that all paver types should be washed annually?


Because of their porous nature, pavers pull in dirt and grime over time. Unfortunately, as a result, pavers change colors, stain, become slippery, and begin to reduce the property's curb appeal. With a quality wash, pavers can come back to life, making properties noticeable.



Did you know that paver surfaces should be sealed every three to five years?

Paver sealing prevents the organic growth that makes properties unsightly. The sealant creates a barrier from algae, grass, and mold. The sealant acts as a natural UV protector to prevent fading. In addition, routine paver care keeps your surface smooth for furniture, foot traffic, and vehicle parking.


Our Services

Preserve your property and protect your pavers with Paver Care Plus.

Services Offered

Hot Wash

Paver Cleaning

Paver Sealing

Paver Restoration and Repair

Paver Maintenance

Brick Paver Care

Stone Paver Care

Pool Deck Cleaning

Walkway Cleaning

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